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Class SplitTabComponent

Split tab is a tab that contains other tabs and allows further splitting them You'll mainly encounter it inside AppService.tabs



  • AfterViewInit
  • OnDestroy



customTitle: string

User-defined title override

disableDynamicTitle: boolean = false

Disables display of dynamic window/tab title provided by the shell

hasActivity: boolean = false

Last tab activity state

hasFocus: boolean = false
hostView: ViewRef

ViewRef to the tab DOM element

parent: null | BaseTabComponent = null

Parent tab (usually a SplitTabComponent)

recoveryStateChangedHint: Subject<void> = ...

Ping this if your recovery state has been changed and you want your tab state to be saved sooner

Top-level split container

title: string

Current tab title

viewContainerEmbeddedRef?: EmbeddedViewRef<any>
DIRECTIONS: SplitDirection[] = ...


  • get activity$(): Observable<boolean>
  • get blurred$(): Observable<void>
  • get color(): null | string
  • set color(color: null | string): void
  • get destroyed$(): Observable<void>
  • get focused$(): Observable<void>
  • get icon(): null | string
  • set icon(icon: null | string): void
  • get initialized$(): Observable<void>
  • get progress$(): Observable<null | number>
  • get recoveryStateChangedHint$(): Observable<void>
  • get splitAdjusted$(): Observable<SplitSpannerInfo>
  • get titleChange$(): Observable<string>


  • addEventListenerUntilDestroyed(element: HTMLElement, event: string, handler: EventListenerOrEventListenerObject, options?: boolean | AddEventListenerOptions): void
  • clearActivity(): void
  • destroy(): void
  • displayActivity(): void
  • emitBlurred(): void
  • emitFocused(): void
  • equalize(): void
  • insertIntoContainer(container: ViewContainerRef): EmbeddedViewRef<any>
  • layout(): void
  • navigateLinear(delta: number): void
  • navigateSpecific(target: number): void
  • removeFromContainer(): void
  • resizePane(direction: ResizeDirection): void
  • setProgress(progress: null | number): void
  • setTitle(title: string): void
  • subscribeUntilDestroyed<T>(observable: Observable<T>, handler: ((v: T) => void)): void

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