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Class ProfilesService


  • ProfilesService




profileDefaults: { behaviorOnSessionEnd: string; color: string; disableDynamicTitle: boolean; group: string; icon: string; id: string; isBuiltin: boolean; isTemplate: boolean; name: string; options: {}; terminalColorScheme: null; type: string; weight: number } = ...

Type declaration

  • behaviorOnSessionEnd: string
  • color: string
  • disableDynamicTitle: boolean
  • group: string
  • icon: string
  • id: string
  • isBuiltin: boolean
  • isTemplate: boolean
  • name: string
  • options: {}
    • terminalColorScheme: null
    • type: string
    • weight: number


    • getConfigProxyForProfile<T>(profile: PartialProfile<T>, options?: { skipGlobalDefaults?: boolean; skipGroupDefaults?: boolean }): T
    • getProfileDefaults(profile: PartialProfile<Profile>, options?: { skipGlobalDefaults?: boolean; skipGroupDefaults?: boolean }): any[]
    • Return defaults for a given profile Always return something, empty object if no defaults found arg: skipUserDefaults -> do not merge global provider defaults in ConfigProxy arg: skipGroupDefaults -> do not merge parent group provider defaults in ConfigProxy


      • profile: PartialProfile<Profile>
      • Optional options: { skipGlobalDefaults?: boolean; skipGroupDefaults?: boolean }
        • Optional skipGlobalDefaults?: boolean
        • Optional skipGroupDefaults?: boolean

      Returns any[]

    • Return an Array of the existing ProfileGroups arg: includeProfiles (default: false) -> if false, does not fill up the profiles field of ProfileGroup arg: includeNonUserGroup (default: false) -> if false, does not add built-in and ungrouped groups


      • Optional options: { includeNonUserGroup?: boolean; includeProfiles?: boolean }
        • Optional includeNonUserGroup?: boolean
        • Optional includeProfiles?: boolean

      Returns Promise<PartialProfileGroup<ProfileGroup>[]>

    • Return an Array of Profiles arg: includeBuiltin (default: true) -> include BuiltinProfiles arg: clone (default: false) -> return deepclone Array


      • Optional options: { clone?: boolean; includeBuiltin?: boolean }
        • Optional clone?: boolean
        • Optional includeBuiltin?: boolean

      Returns Promise<PartialProfile<Profile>[]>

    • resolveProfileGroupName(groupId: string): string

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